5 Site Limit?

Hey, I am new to Bootstrap Studio, but already getting things done, and loving it. I just published my first asset, though, and I am disturbed by the 5 site limit that is popping up in the asset manager.

Am I missing something, or was this false and misleading advertising? Thanks...

you clearly misunderstand what that means -- I'm a newbie too, and my understand is that you can get up to 5 sites hosted for free -- compared to at most 1 with other programs. However, on sites for which you pay hosting fees you can edit as many of those as you want. From my point of view that's just one of many program attributes that make it EXTREMELY good value for many, not to mention the lifetime access to updates -- don't know of any other program that offers that -- SUPERB!

Yep it's the BSS hosted sites that has the limit of 5. You can upload your sites to your own server as many as you want, no limit there. :)

... and before you say that getting a reply from Jo is not an "official" response, I'd do a check on her history -- you'll be hard put to find a more authoritative response, and the official developers are too busy to respond quickly to every query

I bought BSS a number of years ago, and what I gave you was my understanding at the time -- which has turned out to be correct, so I certainly was NOT mislead

So far so good explained! By investing some extra bucks is possible to obtain a well rounded hosting almost anywhere.

I saw the conversational conflicts in your recent threads @getivan then was reading some other posts and wanted to express the following.

@Martin Angelov, I would agree here on the premise of the notion/fact that the limit numbers (for Sites & Forms) could/should be explicitly expressed clearly on the associated pages as a valid point. The absence of this information definitely does not give a clear picture of the offering to potential users. Which can then lead to these types of surprised users when they find out there are limits.

Unless I'm mistaken the only real indication that I could find can be seen for a few seconds in the videos and a screen grab in the docs. But each is more suggestive then definitively stated for those whom don’t know explicitly. But if someone does not watch the video or understand the docs then they can get excited about these two abilities of Sites & Forms only to then be somewhat discouraged when they find out its not unlimited as they may have assumed since not expressed.

It would be appropriate to explicitly express these limits on the associated pages to not have such confusion or disappointment by users. Even if you eventually at some point offer paid upgrades to increase these limits it would be helpful to users in the meantime. Each are great features included in the app but the continued absence of the limit information can cause confusions.

To add to @BSS_User's post, there should also be a more clear explanation on the BSS home page that you cannot directly "import" Bootstrap websites and then edit them the same way as if you built a website in BSS (or used a BBS template.) It should be clearly explained that HTML can only be imported as (editable) custom code blocks, but that the HTML will not be accessible through the program's visual UI.

Over the years, I've read more than one disgruntled post by a new BSS user writing something to the effect of, "I just spent $40 on a Bootstrap website template on Envato, and found I can't open it in Bootstrap Studio!" As simple change to the description would save new users from making this mistaken assumption.

Yeah I would have to agree with the need for transparency on this and a few other things to be honest. There are quite a few things that really should be clarified on the website for people to know "prior" to buying rather than us users having to circumvent the dissatisfied purchasers that didn't get what the site says (or lack of info lead them to believe). Sites, Forms, HTML importing all very important restrictions are on these 3 things that are far from clarified on the website. We users here take the brunt end of it having to constantly appease those that are upset, most especially on the HTML import situation. Just my 10 cents on it. :)

We users here take the brunt end of it having to constantly appease those that are upset

But that's why you're a valued member, Jo!

LOL ya but I'm not the only one getting that brunt end! :P

I saw the conversational conflicts in your recent threads @getivan

^ Hmm ... well thats interesting that the below thread was deleted since yesterday. Not sure if it was my post (seen below) or that of others since it was a lively discussion by various members. https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/the-best-supporting-services-for-bss-static-sites

But in any event, below is what I had posted in that thread. It seems more prevalent and topical to have it in this thread anyway. So I guess that I will again express the following and see if this thread also gets deleted, then I’ll know it was relative to my post. :—)

In regards to forms, you can also use some nice open source validation scripts like:

  • https://reactiveraven.github.io/jqBootstrapValidation/
  • https://ivangrimes.github.io/formhandler.js/
  • https://parsleyjs.org/
  • etc.,

Along with some fairly simple JQuery Ajax Post and some minimal PHP (supported on virtually all web hosts) for sending.

BootStrap Studio is already setup within to “design forms visually” via the interface. So binding the above approach into such a setup should not really be difficult or out of question. It seems like BootStrap Studio as an app could offer this approach as an option for users. So users could export, then upload these as part of their bundled files to their servers, including those 3 associated files (i.e.: validate.js, submit.js, send.php). The app could alter the needed submit and send files as necessary behind the screens in the app dynamically so they are ready upon exporting based upon the users input in the interface.

Unless of course, BootStrap Studio is eventually planning to monetize the current in-built form limit. ;-) Otherwise it seems fairly easily doable to allow users unlimited form creation with such a described process. I can think of various apps that afford such a feature to users, Blocs App for Mac as example of being one of them and various others also.