5.x For Linux Dont work (FIEXED)

Hi, i have a licence for 5.4.3 but when i open a fresh install, the program i get this message:
So i cant put a licence.

Your license key could’t be validated, Please connect to a internet and restar the app.

I try every 5.x version and get the same… (Just 5.9.x Works, but i havent license)

Blockquote It is a Fedora FW Problem, i dont get a fix in fedora, but just activate the product in Ubuntu and copy the folders to Fedora. Thanks.

You’ll need to contact support for license issues as that isn’t something the users on the forums here can help with.

I cant put the licence, because when i open the app i get this, i have not chance to put the licence.

Contact Support! We cannot help you on the forums here, we are all users, not employees so you need to contact them directly. Points to the Contact Us button at the top menu

WTF! So hostile! :S i know this is a forum, i think this problem maybe happens to some user…

Just in case… The message in your screenshot suggests you are not connected to the internet… Are you connected? And isn’t there something in the way (eg. an entry in hosts file, an outbound firewall rule, etc.) blocking BSS’s access to the server that validates the license?

Outside of these first level checks, the best is to contact the support as @jo-r told you.

Thanks, it is a Fedora Problem, dont happened in Ubuntu, in fedora (My workstation) just activate the product in ubuntu and copy the config folder to Fedora and works fine. Thanks for the advise, i contact support but said the same.

Yeah, elroot Fix my problem.

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