A few ideas about reflow..,

I have finally had a chance to take a look at reflow from a production point of view rather than just randomly experimenting

A few observations, in no particular order:

1. Registered user account
Somthing like below. This would be very handy for keeping returning customers.

2. Minimum Quantity of certain products.
It would be good if certain products could have a minimum quantity. This is probably only applicable to certain sites, I have a potential customer that does their own deliveries, on some of the products, it would not be worth delivering for free, so they require that a minimum quantity of the product.

Edit: It could also be worth having a maximum quantity per order.


3. Minimum spend on checkout.
Somebody posted the other day that they wanted to sell a product for less that £1.00 (50p if I remember correctly). If that was the only order they would end up losing money after stripe/paypal payments/postage etc.

4. CSS - Local Version
It would be good if there was an option to not include the default css, but to load our own.

5. Email customisation
It would be nice if the confirmation email could come from the site rather than reflow. Also customising the wording/logos etc.

6. Product personalisation

Okay for one pizza, but what if I want two, olives on one, pepperoni on another.
Edit: Now I want a pizza :slight_smile:


In this case it might be good to also add a minimun purchase amount so that if there are those under $1 products, they would still have to meet a minimum order amount to purchase.

Amazing ideas for Reflow

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Thank you for the great suggestions!

  1. Registered user account - this will be a good addition to Reflow and we will work on it in the coming months. It’s quite a complex feature though, because we will need to develop a lot of new components for managing user accounts, order listings, stored payment methods, shipping/billing addresses etc.
  2. Minimum Quantity of certain products - great idea! We will add it in our upcoming updates.
  3. Minimum spend on checkout. - likewise.
  4. CSS - Local Version - You can download the Reflow CSS locally and modify it. We aim to not change the HTML that the components generate, so it should be safe. Still the best way is to include the Reflow CSS from the CDN and override it in your stylesheet.
  5. Email customisation - Yes, we’ve received a lot of requests for this. We will make these changes next week.
  6. Product personalisation - We’ll think of ways to make this possible. For now ordering one at a time is the only way. If you have examples of stores that do this we will love to see them!

I would think product personalization would be best fitted to things that need personalization on the product itself like engraving, embroidery, choice of several designs available for an item. These types would be definitely good to have personalization.

It should cover being able to add text in a text box for what you want a product to say on it (Names come to mind). This would be great for things that people would buy for wedding gifts, birthday, etc.

P.S. Pizza is a bad example. If you want two different kinds of pizza, add one to your cart then make up another one and do the same. At least that’s what I have to do with our local Pizzahut and Dominos.

Reflow should have this ability I would think, but I haven’t played with it enough as of yet .