A few ideas for features

Would like to see the following if possible:

Coupons - Auto apply option: So, if the product is added to the cart, the discount is applied without the customer having to add the coupon code

Tiered pricing: For example, 1-4 costs £10 each, 5-10 cost £9 each 11+ cost £8 each.

Checkout: Custom fields. For example, Company Name etc

API: Webhooks for new orders etc? That way they can be added to any CRM tool being used.

Thank you for the suggestions!

These are great ideas. We will discuss them with the team and I expect them to find their way to Reflow in the coming months.

Reflow supports product sales. Don’t automatic coupons do the same thing?

Excellent - look forward to seeing them!!

I suppose the Sale option would work - however, the coupon option has an expiry date. Could that be added to the On Sale options?


Good idea. We should do this.

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