A Few Newb Questions if I may...

Hopefully my codeply works, my first time :) https://www.codeply.com/go/lPuWo3TfxZ I have a few questions, some I think are BootStrap Studio specific, others I guess just BootStrap, I'd be most appreciative of a little guidance.

  1. Navbar - What I want is an icon on the left followed by the Application Name text then the (hamburger) menu on the right, ideally the menu would be a dropdown rather than expanding the whole navbar. In BootStrap Studio the icon and text show left aligned but in a browser (or live preview) they show centered.
  2. Column outlines - I want it to be responsive, in its current form it is but the outlines for the columns I would like - when in desktop width - to all be the same size, yet on a smaller screen when they stack I want to avoid whitespace. Is this feasible? i.e. when side by side all the same height, when stacked they'd be of as smaller height as possible.
  3. Fields - when tabbing through the form disabled / read-only fields still get focus it seems, can I skip them so I hit the next editable field? For example Field Two is read-only, if I click in Field one it takes two tabs to get to Field 3 (the next editable field)
  4. Editor window in BootStrap Studio - the field components as I have them using mdb do not show up correctly in BSS, this makes layout more challenging and editing more difficult. Is there a browser embedded in Studio that causes this? I am noticing differences between the editor, the live preview and browsers after exporting.
  5. FInally - I have added some styling, seems to work fine just curious if there are better/worse ways to do this that I am unaware of.

Thank you in advance for any guidance, it is much appreciated.