A "hyper-mega-premium-plus" version

a WYSIWYG clone as webflow.com/Elementor.
I would easily pay $150 if you guys developed a version of this to desktop…

A 404 page, I’ll knock that up in a few minutes once you’ve sent the $150 :wink:

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lol, this is far far above either of those builders. This isn’t a typical WYSIWYG editor and I hope it never is. I like having control over much of my code (actually wish we had more, not less) and the best you can do is send Richards that $150 to set up your site, or you can actually learn how to make one yourself and save yourself some money and get some good knowledge too. Good luck wherever your adventure takes you with it.

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I tested Webflow some time ago. It sucks compared to Bootstrap Studio

By the way, you’re kidding if you think that anyone will do a lot of development work for $150 and for a single user


@brand, welcome to the bootstrap studio forum :grinning:

The developers are always ready to listen to good ideas. They have implemented a lot of ideas that have been suggested on this forum. With that in mind, what would you like Bootstrap Studio to do that it doesn’t do currently? What features would you put into a hyper-mega-premium-plus version?

You may end up with the features that you want from the license you already have :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Sorry if I offended anyone…

but I think the drag-drop functionality is very limited in Bootstrapstudio…
Elementor(Elementor - Wikipedia) unfortunately is cloud, not standalone desktop.
They are very successful and a lot of money…

I think bootstrapstudio could have a version for “dummies” like me.
Where we could just with drag-drop, manipulate bootstrap elements and components.

I don’t understand because drag & drop in Bootstrap Studio works really great!

Remember that BSS is a frontend editor based on the Bootstrap framework, so it should be 100% compatible with all its CSS classes and other functions. This means a lot of switches and custom edit boxes are needed.

Controlling the space flight center is never easy :wink:

Take a moment to read the Bootstrap documentation and options and you will see that they are really powerful

Elementor is popular because Wordpress is popular, here’s the whole secret

I am so happy that I got rid of Elementor.

You get the most out of BootStrap Studi if you know some HTML and of course bootstrap CSS. Whenever you get to a point where the IDE cannot help you further, there is always the possibility to convert a few tags to HTML and edit them using the very good HTML editor.

I’m using Elementor as standard in my Wordpress projects. By default, I design a layout in Bootstrap Studio and write my own content plugins for Elementor, so the page style always looks the same :slight_smile:

Use Elementor then, BSS different tool for different way of making stuff also I worked in my mate’s company as a web developer and i was forced to build front end with elementor, it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had, but ngl its currently the best d&d tool for wordpress, but sadly the cost of it also hits you, lmao


I don’t like wordpress. If there was an Elementor standalone I would have already bought it…

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Check this:


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(…) i was forced to build front end with elementor, it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had

Don’t worry, Gutenberg is much more traumatic :grinning:


I have Themify Builder Pro.
Correction, I have all of themify’s lifetime content.
I paid 250 dollars.