A mega menu component

Hello !

Don't you think that a mega menu component could be a great addition to Bootstrap studio, to gain some time implementing it ?

Some example :

  • https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/bootstrap-mega-menu

  • https://uxwing.com/webslide/bootstrap-mega-menu/

  • https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/jquery/navigation/mega-menu/

Thanks !

Since you posted this and it's pretty much connected, I'll post it here. I was going to make one and add it to the Online Components, but ... we don't have empty tags for the Nav and I'm sure many others.

@Martin: PLEASE give us all of the HTML5 tags in empty format so we can create our own elements with true html 5 semantics. If anything at least give us the nav tags so we can build our own from scratch. Granted, yes I know we can use Divs and add classes to them, but it's not HTML5 semantics then. This way we can make many of the external things we find ourselves with better coding etiquette and we can share them as well and they won't have to be custom code either. :)