A more useful/informative idea for Recent Designs

One of the things I really wish we could do is easily sort the recent design list. I played around with an idea that I feels makes better use of the space available, while providing some options not currently available… sorting, labeling and showing the Bootstrap version of the website. Here’s the mock-up. Would love to hear people’s feedback.

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Good idea :slight_smile:
If I can add something: I would love to see a button in the structure panel that collapses everything.

SInce that’s an entirely different part of the program, I’d create a separate topic if you want it to be seen by the developers and others. FYI - I’d search the forums for this, because I believe it’s been requested in the past by other users.

Since there are not too many posts on this forum I didn’t want to flood. Pushed up an older topic. :+1:

I like the idea of showing the Bootstrap framework version, maybe we can also display the last edit date.

Sorting and labels are a bit problematic though - the designs in the Recent screen disappear after 30 days, so sorting by date or filtering by label would not bring up all designs. In addition, reinstalling the app clears the list, so people will lose their labels.

+1 on both showing the version and edit date as well as allowing a lot more of them to show up in the window. The organizing would be a nice touch, but isn’t a detrimental feature for me.

Strange that the recent items should disappear after 30 days. Is this done deliberately, or just something beyond your control? This doesn’t seem to be the case with most other software I’ve used, and I can’t see any practical reason for it.

Perhaps if the label was chosen when the site is created, then saved as metadata with the .bsdesign file, it could be made to appear in website icon in the recents list?

The recents list is the quickest way to open sites, so I’m just trying to figure out easier way to search and organize them.

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