A Per Project Export Settings

Working with multiple projects, some coming back after a while, there is a need to have the export folder saved on a per project level, as you otherwise have to set it, then forget where it was set before you changed it.

I'm not sure I understand your request on this. Every project saves on a per project setting, it's not a global export setting. The only time I've every had any issues with the export location (or where it was) is if I moved the folder or renamed it "after" I exported and saved the export settings. If you do that, you most likely will have a blank box that doesn't show the location. Otherwise every project is a separate entity for export settings and many other settings. The box will have the location address in it if you haven't renamed or moved the folder. If you have ... well, you'll have to find it, that's not a BSS issue, that's a user issue and happens with every single app for the most part, not just BSS. Moving/Renaming always affects saved locations for all apps. You'll need to be more vigilant in noting the locations after moving them or renaming them so you can resave the export settings I think.