A Way to upload themes thru CDN

Hi Devs,

Is it possible to link a stylesheet thru CDN, I have a github account, and I want to use it via CDN or RawGit and use it as a theme on the app.

The reason behind this: - I'm maintaining a shared stylesheet (custom bootstrap theme) for our team. I want to use it on the app. But updating it from time to time would take time.

Downside would be: - No real update on the actual theme. But can be altered thru custom styles.

you can already do this jasper

in the design panel you can see stylesheets, if you right click on stylesheets you will see 3 options on of which is to link an external css file.

Hi Chris,

Thanks, but I already knew that we have that feature already. But what i'm requesting is that to sync it as a "THEME", not as a ordinary stylesheets. Because my problem is that, once I just import it as additional css, the default bootstrap template will overwrite my styles. I have done alot of alterations with my css some lines that I remove with the default css will show if it is not a template.

so a custom theme selector option via CDN in the theme setting drop down. if so i see your predicament however if you link to an external css via CDN shouldn't that overwrite bootstrap?

also as of right now there is only and option to import a custom theme

This is an interesting idea, Jasper! Here are some thoughts on how this could work:

We can make it possible to specify a custom theme by URL, and Bootstrap Studio can fetch it periodically. But updates won't be in real time, so if you push your new changes it may take some time before the new stylesheet is fetched. A workaround is to add a button to check for changes manually in the Manage Themes dialog. But I think this won't be very good experience and it could end up in people working with different versions.

Maybe we should build an official way for syncing themes from one Bootstrap Studio copy to another. Once SASS support lands in the next releases, we can make the Bootstrap stylesheet directly editable in the app. This can then be sent automatically to your team mates.

Here are a few questions that can help us better plan this feature. How do you normally work inside your team? Do you all work on the same .bsdesign file which is synced through dropbox, or do you share components and external stylesheets, and every person work on a separate design?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your interest with the suggestion. On your first proposal, how long would it take to sync the new update? I think a manual update button would be a tolerable workaroud for my use case.

We rarely share on a same .bsdesign file. We are working on a separate design project with a Global Stylesheet, and right now i'm trying to host it on GitHub mainly because of the version control.