A website I built using Bootstrap Studio

Hi, I’m new to the Bootstrap Studio Forum community. I bought a lifetime subscription to Bootstrap Studio a few years back. I have been very impressed with how powerful it is for building websites and how easy it is, but I have only really used it occasionally. I’m trying to make more use of it now, especially since the latest update and the addition of Reflow.

Here is a website that I built for a work colleague a few years ago using Bootstrap Studio. Since it’s been exported I have made updates to it via Brackets.

Industrial Networks LTD

Very nice layout.

Since you’re doing some updating, a few quick suggestions (some of these can be done right in Bootstrap Studio now because they were added as the program was updated over the years. I’ve added a * next to the ones you can now do directly in BSS…

  • add page meta descriptions*
  • update your jquery library*
  • add a sitemap*
  • declare a language*
  • add a canonical tag
  • Make the phone numbers and emails “links” (tel: and mailto: )so people can just tap them to call or send an email on mobile devices
  • Don’t show the actual email address in plain text on the site (cuts down on spam)
  • add width/height and alt tags to all your images*
  • optimize the size of your images. You have many images that have native resolutions over ten times the size they’re displaying at. This will vastly speed up page load and help your SEO.
  • Use only one H1 heading on a page. (multiple H1 headings is bad for SEO)

Thanks for the tips. That’s very helpful :+1:

looks good! i dont know if intentional. the favicon not transparent? the white bg showing.

Very nice design, well done! You may want to look into a horizontal Mega Menu setup so that when the screen is larger your menu items go across the page instead of down. I think that would really make your site a lot nicer to navigate.

Other than that, Kudos on a great job!