Ability to change Select Attributes

It would be really great if you could edit attributes in the Select element, not on the Select itself, but things like the opt-group and the option.

When writing java script its nice to be able to reference these kind of things, but if you can't change them easily it defeats the purpose.

I have no idea what you are trying to suggest here. Can anyone else make sense of this?

when you use the <select>test</select> you cannot change this code, unless you use custom code

Okay, thank you for clarifying @matapiojo.

My bad. I didn't realize @LittleRain was referring to the Select component in the Forms Section.

I find BSS's form features are too limited, so I don't use them. I used a third-party form provider (jotform.)

Is there a magic way to import a FIGMA DESIGN and edit it as a BStudio project?

that would be simply great!


No, there is no way, magic or otherwise.

There is no way to import "any" type of template other than a CSS template. Any themes/templates you purchase from websites selling them cannot be used other than the supporting CSS, JS and image files. You will always have to recreate the website's HTML structure within BSS.

Let me add on to that, as no way to import HTML without it becoming a full Custom Code block. No drag and drop or settings will work, all will need to be done manually which would be a whole lot easier in a text editor than in BSS.