Ability to Link already created components

I love the way linking works in here, but it would be soooo much nicer if we could somehow link already existing components rather than the ... Copy, Paste, Move, delete old one

I have no idea how this would work, but I know lots of apps that already do this so it's possible, just not sure how much work it would be to alter what is there now to add this function.

How I perceive it to work would be:

You've created a page and have a bunch of thigns on it and realize that there's some components that are the same on each page already, but they are not linked so in order to edit them (text wise and adding classes etc) you have to do those one by one to add anything or change them. It would be nice if we could:

  1. Target and copy the item we want to be the main one (doesn't have to stay a main one same as it's set up now where any can be copied and pasted from, just for the initial set of the link you need one to copy from).

  2. Go to the location of the item you want to link to the copied one in the Overview tree and right click it.

  3. Choose something like "Link to Copied". Program would then check to see if it's an equivalent item (Div, Col, Row, H1/2/3..., P, etc.) and if they were the same it would allow you to proceed or give you an error message saying the 2 items are not compatible to link or something on that order.

  4. When you choose it, the element you added the link to would then change to whatever the copied one is and would add the link setup to it so that they are linked together and from here it would work same as it does now.

Just thought I'd throw this out there as I can't tell you how many times I've created things and then later decided one of them is the better one and I needed to link them. The current system works great mind you, not complaining at all, just would be much faster if we could just alter what's there instead of all the steps as listed above in the first paragraph.

I was thinking something similar, more along the lines of right click element select Link item then go to next page right click select Link item. The dialog appears with 2 options

From page 1 to page 2: OK From page 2 to page 1: OK

So if select from page 1 to page 2 then page 2's linked item mirrors page 1 link item. And vice versa for page 2 to page 1 if selected.