Ability to see the CSS that the SCSS creates

So I have a dilemma with the Sass setup. I am learning it now, and am unable to install the needed node software/code to do it via external browsers as I should be able to. I am fighting with permissions issues on my brand new Mac Mini that I can’t seem to get around no matter what I try. Even though I am the Admin I am unable to bypass this. I have tried everything I can think of at this point as well as numerous possible solutions on Google searches, Apple forums and help etc. I will most likely have to take it in and have it fixed at some point.

So I figured why not use BSS to learn it since the processor is built in already right? …

Well it works great until you have to debug something to see why it’s not working. I can’t see the CSS code that is generated so I cannot debug what I am or will be (am at this moment lol) doing wrong.

Is there any possibility that there will be some way to view the code? Even if it’s like the browser preview and it’s just a per session Read Only window that would be great. Anything at all that would help here would be appreciated since I cannot find any other way to do it.

If you export your site the generated CSS will be in the assets folder.

I’m fully aware of that, but thanks. Unfortunately that is hardly a practical way to try to debug things as you go. I shouldn’t have to export things every time I find something I need to go back and fix. After all, I’m just learning this so it’s going to be something I’m probably going to have to do more than a few times lol.

It is possible to use the Browser preview for this. You can inspect the page in your browser’s Dev Tools and click the compiled stylesheet. This will show exactly what CSS has been generated.

Hmm let me give that a shot and see how that works out. Seems like that should work, not sure why I didn’t think of that myself lol. I blame @floydmanfloyd :stuck_out_tongue:

You may also get benefit out of using things like https://www.sassmeister.com/ . Allowing you to see side by side, etc., so you become more comfortable as you learn.

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Oh yeah. Blame me @jo-r. :laughing: I was going to suggest martins way too. Lol. For anybody wanting to learn sass there’s a cool easy to foloow free course by The Net Ninja on YaTube. I’ve learned a lot from Sean the teacher (highly recommended) :+1:

SASS Course

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Thanks @bss_user and @floydmanfloyd for the links, I will give them a shot and see what I can do with them. Most appreciated :slight_smile: