Ability to see the full label of locked items [added in 4.4.3]

So we've got more space in the Options panel to see long URL's, thanks much for that! Any chance we can get the ability to mouse to the end of the line in locked items with labels? I'm checking out some sliders (as I'm sure you know from my last suggestion post lol) and this one is not custom code which is great! But ....

Because it's not custom code, a lot of the elements of the component are locked and yet they have labels in the image elements (look like URL's to the source of the images) and we cannot see them fully. There's no way to scroll to the end of the line as they just get completely cut off. Totally useless like that really, no sense in bothering to add any long comments into something locked. And just how did they do that even? If it's locked, how did they add a label to it? I don't get a Label choice on the right click of a locked item. If that happened I could at least see the full label ....

Hmm ... leads to another possibility. What about, similar to my other post with read only setup, you gave us the ability to open the Label window so we can see the labels, and just make them read only for locked items.

Whatever works, but for me it sure would make sense that all things should be readable/accessible if they are in the app. :)

I may stand corrected here as I just realized that the URL I saw in the label of the locked item, was actually the URL in the URL box of the Options. Looks like the location of images or URL of an item is auto added as a label unless you add your own. Never knew that was happening, well must be recent as it's not done it before for me. Not a bad thing indeed, but that reasoning isn't justifiable in the above argument anymore then I guess.

Either way it would be nice if that was extended so we could scroll to the end of that label shown since it's not really a label, rather than having to click other places to get that info and then back to what we were working on.

Or ... just make the left sidebar Overview area lists wider so we can see the full text. The area gets wider, but the text cuts off even though there is more space that it could show more text in.

We enhanced the label logic a few releases back, so that if no actual label is set, a number of other pieces of data can take its place (src for images, href for links, ids, etc).

At some point the labels need to be cut off as we've placed limits to the panel sizes. But I think we can implement a straightforward fix for this - the app can just display a tooltip with the full label when you hover over it.

A tooltip would be perfect Martin! Thanks much for looking into that for us!

We added this in Bootstrap Studio 4.4.3 that was released today.

And TY again!