Ability to Subscribe to "all" posts?

@Martin/Gabrielle is it possible there may be a setting on your end that will allow us to subscribe to not just the main post, but also the replies?

I can subscribe to each forum, which I've turned back no now that the spam is under control, thanks much for that, but that only subscribes to the Original Post and not the replies. There are no settings for us on our end for this, so hopefully there's something that can be done on your end.

Basically if a person subscribes to a forum, they should get "all" posts that happen in that forum, including replies to all threads. Hopefully this is changable.


Yeah, since we limited registrations to people who've purchased the app, the spam is practically nonexistent.

The forum system that we use supports subscriptions to forums and to individual threads, by clicking the Subscribe links on the top right. An alternative way to subscribe to a reply thread is to enable the "Notify me of follow-up replies via email" checkbox beneath the reply text area.

The forum system doesn't support subscribing to every reply of every thread on the site, though. I am not surprised this is the case - it would result in a flood of email that would be hard to manage. Are you sure you need this?

Well it would be the best alternative to be able to make sure I don't miss any original posts (covered with subscription) or replies to them which right now I have nothing for.<br /> Does the check box for notifying for follow ups default as on all the time then so I don't have to check it for every post? That would be good enough I would think.

Typically what most forums use is the "last read" setup for the accounts which shows you all the threads that have been posted, or posted replies in since your last visit. Another thing some forums do is show unread posts and replies in bold and when it's read it takes the bold off. Gives us a visual way to know we already read the last post in that thread.

This forum doesn't seem to have anything like this set up so we have to follow the dates and times on a constant basis to see what was posted since our last visit. When the forum is really really busy it's harder to follow what's new. Right now it's a bit slow so easier to keep track of by the dates. I can't tell you how many times I've opened a thread to see that I already read that one, because there's no way to see what you've already read, or what's new.

I would prefer the devs spend time on the working on Improving the app ( such as custom fonts install, multi screen support etc ) as opposed to spending time on forum related issues that only benefit a small number of users.