Ability to upload your site straight to your own server

Ability to upload your site straight to your own server via ftp or another way. (back in the days like Dreamweaver had)

This is done by running a script after export.

I use Dreamweaver's FTP or FileZilla FTP all the time to upload my Bootstrap Studio produced files to the sites. I simply created a sub-directory in my project folder called "export" and set that the be my export destination in Bootstrap Studio's export settings. After Bootstrap Studio's export procedures are compete. I open either Dreamweaver's FTP or FileZilla FTP and drag any newly created or modified files to the proper location on the server.

Perhaps, an export script is the "better" way (don't know) but this is pretty easy, visual, and does what I want it to do.

It’s all cool and all but I don’t own dreamweaver sadly, I just remember it from back in the days on my training I did. And it’s easy to say just do it via a script. Well I would appreciate it if you at least give some more info there like what kind of script are you suggesting etc.

FileZilla is free and just as easy as Dreamweaver's FTP.


However, I believe (could be wrong) that most people export the site locally and ftp using Filezilla or Cute FTP, even Firefox has a good FTP add-on. Of course I'm on a PC, so on a Mac could be a different program altogether. Anyway, if you want to take the time to script everything, it can be done.

Filezilla is what I use on a Mac. Works great and I've not worried about if BSS includes an FTP feature or not as of yet. maybe someday, but I'd rather see it get more web building features before it works on things that aren't about the page itself. :)

export-scripts and sftp. often using rclone

+1 for Filezilla. Works great. Been using for years, long before I got BSS.