about alt attribute(alt = "")

I would like to attach alt attribute to decorative images.

alt = "" (Not alt = " ")

I want to add the alt attribute like this. How can I do with bootstrap studio?

Click on image and check Options pane, it's in there.

I'm sorry, my English is not good. Jo, thank you for your reply. I agree. Image Options has ALT attribute. Normally, if I enter text there, the ALT attribute will be set appropriately. But now, what I want to do is: I want to set the ALT attribute itself. But I want to set it as alt = "" because the caption is under the image. In terms of accessibility, I think that images must have ALT attributes. If I put " " (a space) in Image Option, it will be alt = " ". But what I want to set is alt = ""(no space). If I do not enter anything in the Image Option, the ALT attribute itself is not output to the code. Is there any better way?


[example 2]

I want to add ALT attribute like example2.

Unfortunately I don't see a way to do this using the Options panel, and I did just try adding it manually to see what it did, but all it does is add the alt tag to the line of code, but no equals or quotes added so it's not good either.

+++++++1 as we definitely should be able to add an empty alt tag.

Go into the "Attributes" section and click the plus to "Add Attribute". Type "alt" (without quotes) in the left text box and leave the right text box empty. Now when you "Export", it puts in an empty alt tag

Thank you Jo and Windy. Windy, I did it as you said. And I could do what I wanted. Thank you very much. It was very helpful.

Glad it worked for you :-)

Ah so what I saw then wasn't correct within the app.

I did do that Windy, to try to see if that would work for them, but when I did it in the app it only showed alt where it should have been alt="" so I just "assumed" it wouldn't work. I didn't export to see if it worked or not, just expected it to look right in the app.

I'll post that in the bugs forum and see if that can get corrected.

Jo, yes it doesn't show correctly in the app, only when exported.

I see that you've posted it in the bugs forum so hopefully it will get sorted :-)

Technically, an attribute with no value is still valid as if it did have a blank value.


"A boolean attribute without a value assigned to it (e.g. checked) is implicitly equivalent to one that has the empty string assigned to it (i.e. checked=""). As a consequence, it represents the true value."

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yeah, my problem here was that in the app HTML window, it didn't show the "value" part at all when I added it manually in the Attributes window, only


no equals sign, no quotation marks. If it exports the equals sign and the quotation marks, it should show it to us in the app as well.

Maybe one thing to do here would be to add a specific key(s) we can put in the Alt box to designate it as empty? Or better yet, maybe all images should spit out an empty Alt attribute if nothing is added to that box. That would be more proper than NO alt attribute showing up when the Alt box is empty which is how it is now of course.