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Im new using bootstrap studio, and i want to ask how to publish on website bss.design ? i already create website and when i open it on browser it show "We can't find this file.If you are the owner of this site, make sure that you are entering the correct path that Bootstrap Studio generates." ,

i already search on tutorial and forum, but cant find the solution,

sorry for my bad languange :(

Oh, nobody ansered?!?!?!?

I didn't see it in time...

To fix your problem: After you "Managed your Websites" where you found "open in browser"... you have to close that window.

then on "publish to website" select your website and then just press the "publish" button on the bottom right.

That's all. "Save" to exit this window

Hi erwin

For local testing you may have xampp or similar as webserver installed (either installed or as portable)

if so, you just may use the "EXPORT" button to save the files created by BS to the directory, your webserver-content is located. This is also working for network drives (best to link them as drive-letter) or webspace integrated as ftp 2 drive-letter.

This makes it easy to touch and modify/add/delete the other ressources, not included/includeable in BS like PDFs

Beware that BS does not yet convert Href/ref/url links in Scripts added or linked to the Project.

Look at my Post Bootstrap URL and Export Links