About (Online) Tab

Hi support, I hope you guys are doing great, I purchased bootstrapstudio in June last year and I love it, however the new approach with the "(Online) Tab" I don't like it at all... Before used to be easy to keep up to date just looking at what I had installed and the new ones added, now I have to pretty much go and search for each letter like: (a, b, c, d, e, f...) to find what I have and what I don't have, and I don't like that at all... My question is if there is anyway to allow selecting anything available and download all in once, and also an option to mass delete if you don't want what you have, one by one is a horrible option.

Can you please share the location where the downloaded files are stored in Windows and Mac? I cannot just go one by one... And I am thinking to remove everything I downloaded manually on my Windows PC and my Mac because of this new approach I really hate it.

If you organize them into folders with names for the type of component they are that helps a lot. I also have 2 different main folders for mine for BSS3 and BSS4 so I can keep those separated as well. Doesn't take a lot of work to do if you do it right away, but of course I waited till I had too many hahaha. Takes a little bit of time to do it, but you can move them with a mass move to folders so you don't have to move them one by one, just deleting them one by one because it has to uninstall it. Good idea to do that with more than one too.

Other than that, I can't help with where they are installed as in Mac they are installed directly to the app itself and I've yet to see where that is myself either.

+1 and then some on the searching situation and ability to see all the apps available. It's been asked before and hopefully we'll see that ability in the future.

Thanks @Jo yeah I was to late to organize already lol, I wish they bring back all together or better management option :(

Sorry that you've run into problems! We haven't done any changes to the Online tab recently. When you install a component it shows up in the Studio tab > Downloaded folder. There you can browse everything you have and Ctrl/Shift+Click to select multiple components and mass delete them.

Ahh cool, thanks Martin, I wasn't aware of the mass delete either, learned something new today again! :)

@Martin thanks a lot! At least I was able to clean up all that mess!