About Reflow's product list category

Hi, I want to ask about the category option in the product list, I have created four categories but I want to hide one of them, so I added the other three in a main category and selected this in the BSS option, but now it results in the other categories from URL input category ID does not work,Don’t know how to deal with it?

Sorry, I’m not sure I quite understand what the issue is.

Can you share a screenshot of the problem?

Sorry my English is not very good, please include more

Thank you for preparing a flow chart! I understand that you wish to show all products from category A, B and C on p.html.

However it is still unclear what the problem you are facing is. Is it that you wish to have some kind of filtering (with buttons/links) on p.html so that the user can switch between:

  • ALL products (A+B+C)
  • Products only from A
  • Products only from B
  • Products only from C

Yes, as you said,I has use links to switch

The easiest way to do this would be to have separate pages p.html for ALL, p-A.html for the version with products from A etc. The links will point to the relevant page.

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Thank you for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: