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I am having issue trying to change the Navbar Brand color. I copy the Navbar-brand class to styles.css and add color: red; but the test colour does not change. I noticed that styles.css is not at the top when viewing browser inpection.

It seems styles.css is not over writing bootstrap.css

Cannot reproduce this. I copied the stock Bootstrap CSS to the styles.css and was able to change the color.

.navbar-light .navbar-brand {
  color: rgba(255,0,0,0.9);

No bug here. Post a link to your website.

Thank you
I can confirm it was my mistake
There is no bug

I can not seem to change “navbar-light” in the above line to “navbar-dark” the only way I get around it is by adding navbar-dark as a additional attribute, surely I should be able to change this without adding addional attribute?

Please help