ABSOLUTE positioning not getting displayed correctly

When using absolute positioning the items don't get displayed correctly in the editor, although css is perfectly fine and displaying correctly on any web browser. This is the css I used on a link.

.scroll-bottom {
  border:1px solid #9eca45;

Just in case this falls into the other visual issues with the Editor preview, there are a lot of things that don't display correctly in the app's preview window including many JS items, some photo galleries, background images, and various little items that just don't look right till you look at the browser preview. Most likely this falls into that set, but hopefully Martin or someone will tell you for sure.

It's a shame those little things don't work as expected. If you got many of those buggy elements, the editor preview is rendered useless. :/

nah it's not totally useless, and just depends on what you can envision in your mind and if you're using a browser preview (which you always should be anyways) that pretty much handles anything that might not visually look right in the app itself.

As far as I know they are working on this issue, but it's been about a year now since they've been doing that so I have no idea what the time frame for a fix for this is yet. I just know it needs a lot of work in the preview area of the app to make all things look right. They "work" right though and I'm just used to it as I do use a lot of external items that cannot even load in the app due to the files being only on the server and I don't like using "absolute" URL's, I prefer "relative" ones whenever possible. This means those items won't work right on not only the app preview, but not in the browser preview either. I tend to make sure all things work as I want them too by using "absolute" URL's while I'm working on that area and once all is good to go with that element or component I then convert all the URL's for it to relative. Since I know it's working and what it "should" look like, I'm good with that for now, but hopefully it won't have to be for much longer as it's been reported a long time ago already.