Accessing content in collapsed areas, inactive tabs and other hidden places.

Hi there,

I'm a happy user of Bootstrap Studio. It's just one thing that adversely impacts my experience - I couldn't find a convenient way to view and edit content that is placed in collapsed areas, inactive tabs, etc. When you put new components in the areas that are hidden by default (e.g., a collapsed area), the studio won't show them so you will have to open a browser preview to review the result. Things got worse when it comes to editing the content that is added by default to some elements. For example, if I place a default Link component in a collapsed area and then realize that I need to remove its default "Link" text, I will have to move the component outside of the collapsed area to make it visible in the studio, then change the text and put the component back using the Overview panel.

Now, I understand why this is happening - the studio sanitizes HTML and disables JS when rendering its own view of the webpage. I am sure it's done for a reason, but my suggestion is to selectively allow some active elements on a page to make all its content accessible to users inside the studio. Being able to expand collapsed areas, switch between tabs, and navigate between slides in a carousel are some examples of things that would make my life as a designer much easier.

If you're talking about things like accordions, modals, drop-down menus, etc, these can all be opened/activated from within the program by clicking the buttons that appear when the item is selected in the overview. image

Wow, that was easy. I didn't notice those nice controls for active elements. I tested this on all components of my interest and I see the problem is totally solved.

Thanks for the quick reply Printninja and happy bootstrapping!

Don't forget to close them if you open them lol * would never make this mistake herself ... looks around innocently * lol