Accessing Reflow Category

I am building an eCommerce site and have it working ok. However, I have a category list which when selecting from the navbar loads a product page with the products in that category shown. I have set the title of the page to “Products” but I would like that to be the name of the Category. I cant see how to do that it in Bootstrap Studio, so I tried writing some custom code to change the header, but I can’t work out how to capture the category title from reflow.

Hope this makes sense. Can anyone help?



Didn’t look deep in the Reflow doc, but you can catch the selected category name (that appears in the displayed list) and store it in a global variable (w/ javascript) before going to the products page. Another way would be to look up for its name from its ID. I think there’s no API call to do this, so these identifiers are indicated in your Reflow admin board and, unless they change frequently, you could hardcode a dictionary indicating the name/id pairs.

Unless there is a method provided in Reflow itself, of course…