Add an HTML formatting option to the Exported HTML output

It would be nice if there were an option to automatically format the exported HTML code so that the indentation from ‘Custom Code’ components aligns properly with the rest of the HTML created by BSS, I have to do this manually in VSC every time I Export from BSS.

The app intentionally leaves Custom Code unmodified to keep any whitespace and formatting users might wish to preserve.

Maybe we can add an export option to format custom code alongside the rest of the page. We would like to hear other people wish for this feature before we commit to doing it since the export is already quite complex.

I would prefer that my custom code not be altered at all. Usually it’s used for work arounds for things not included in the app. If the app alters it, it may not function and we’ll have more issues.

I like the suggestion of adding an option so that we can choose to use it or not.

+1 for this way… (this parenthesis has no sense, but an error message tells me a post must be >19 chars)


I prefer to format things how I want them.

I’m not really asking for the custom code to be modified other than indentation that aligns with the rest of the HTML code BSS is outputting. Like take into account the indentation of the custom code’s parent and use that for where the custom code indentation should be. Otherwise custom code makes the BSS outputted HTML just look wonky and not clean.


You can align your custom code in BSS
First line is blank
The last line is blank with the indentation of the custom code’s parent
Here is an example, look at the source code