Add an option to "Import an HTML Page and Construct BS Overview"

Add an option to "Import an HTML Page and Construct BS Overview"

Instead of getting the closed "Custom Code" definition of the block in the "Overview" pane, add the page as though it had been built in BS. I.e. editable Overview items.

This would vastly speed up the construction of BS web sites and make the product play better with other tools.

You're not going to find such complex functionality in a $65 program. If you really need this, Pinegrow is the only program I know that is able to do this. It's also three times the price, and not as user-friendly.

If you really want that to happen in BSS, then instead of doing the entire page as an import, create a new page and construct the backbone of the page without the components. Then create custom code for the components rather than the whole page. Then you will get the tree functions as you are looking for. I use external navs a lot and have to do them with complete custom code and the entire nav shows up well in the Overview tree, allows me to at least see things where they are, just can't manipulate the HTML is all.

The other nice thing about doing it that way is that you also get the context sensitive CSS in the styles window so even though you cannot change them in the component, you can always see what classes are being applied to each part of the component so you know if they are correct or not and you can edit your CSS more easily that way for your custom code. Just a thought, hope it helps :)

The addition of the external editors to edit the custom html code also could be arguably quicker to edit links and text when it is brought in as custom code if the structure is already built properly.