Add an section for "Disabled JavaScript" components

Basically, adding an option within the program to “Disable JavaScript” and add a section under “Misc” called “NoScript” in the Component Panel.

This code block would just be:



This would be visible in the editor of course, and only visible in the preview if the user has disabled JavaScript on their browser. This would be helpful for accessibility, since I found that some users do not have JavaScript turned on.

I understand this as well will go against Bootstrap, since it requires JavaScript to run some functionalities such as the necessary JavaScript / jQuery for Modals, the collapsed Navbars, and other components.

But there are ways to get the Navbar to collapse and un-collapse with only CSS, along with creating Modals.

Example Navbar - Codepen

Example Modal - StackOverflow (see answer)

I also know to just add a “Custom Code” component, which is what I currently do.

This would just save time and make the noscript tags visible from the editor than having to constantly go back and forth from disabling and enabling JavaScript in the browser with every change or when adding a new section.

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