Add app-ads.txt

Hello, I am using admob for an app for the first time and is asking to place a .txt code in app-ads.text thus how to go about this? I see on SEO ads.text I have place it there but it doesn’t work! Help please!

Maybe this topic will relate with your question;

Thank you for bringing it to our attention! We will add support for app-ads.txt in our next update. For now the only workaround is to use a regular hosting provider other than the built-in Bootstrap Studio Sites, and upload your file there.

so, next will support to add only txt format or all plain text (like md) too?

It will be added to the SEO tab, alongside ads.txt and robots.txt. We won’t be adding a standalone txt file type.

Ah, so it mean only can add one custom text right.

This is what i done with dynamic content on static site:

the site content structure is here:

This structur make me possible to organizing content post in static html in Bootstrap Studio. So if custom file can be add, it will very helpfull and open more webdev exploration inside bss.