Add Bootstrap Card Deck

when i search the library i find that the bootstrap card deck is missing so please can you add it because i can do it with custom code but then i cant add animation or customise etc

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You can just add a DIV component and move your cards into the DIV in the "Overview" pane and then add a class of card-deck to the DIV using the Attribute Editor. This will make all the cards equal width and height

Yes im aware of that i was just saying to make it faster in the next update can they just add a component it will save like 3 mins and seems very easy to do

Why not make your own. Add a DIV, select it in the "OVERVIEW" panel and give it a card-deck class attribute, then right mouse click on it in "OVERVIEW" panel and select "Add to Library". Give it a name. Now you can add that to your project and just drag the cards components into it

Yes but that benefits me only, i was saying add it in for everyone because its a missing bootstrap component! Also do you know how i can add the bit in bold to a navaigation link so i can click it and then it launches the search bar?

Show Content

<a href="#collapse-1">Show Content</a>

<div class="collapse show" id="collapse-1">Collapse content.<input type="text" /></div>


I agree with windy - if it takes 3 mins to do and then save as a component to your library then why would the devs prioritise this over something more important.

Because its easy so devs shouldn't mind if it takes 3 mins as it benefits the community! But anyway i achieved what i wanted to achieve but now im wondering how...

Also do you know how i can move JavaScript elements?

for example the data-toggle bits and move them to a nav item instead!

<a href="#"><i class="fa fa-search"></i></a> 

but add the bits from the default collapse button

<a href="#collapse-1">Show Content</a>

thanks because right now i cant move the button for the collapse outside the collapse so please help!

Hey guys, I see we have got everyone confused with the Card Groups. We actually have the Card Deck component. Add a Card Group component to your design, go to the "Options" pane and in "Card Group Options" change its type to "Card Deck".

It seems this functionality has disappeared with latest version of Bootstrap Studio. Is it just me?

Hiya @renaudbiemans and welcome to the forums!

Card Deck has been dropped by Bootstrap in favor of other alternative methods which you can see here:

This is what it was replaced with so you will have more control using Flex:

This thread is over 3 years old and is prior to Bootstrap 5 being released, so that’s why it’s not there now. You will most likely find it if you build a Bootstrap 4 site instead of 5 though. Hope that information above helps and again welcome to the forums. :slight_smile: