add border to div


I want to add a border with a div like the borders described here but since I cannot add my own html code to the page inside bootstrap studio how do I get borders like the ones in the link?

Just add the Bootstrap border class through the attributes panel.

If you want to customize the border outside of Bootstrap's standard border styles, create your own class and add it instead. For example...

.myborder { border: solid 4px red; }

It's a joke, right? Anyways, at the bottom of Bootstrap Studio Window you have something like html and styles, you can click on it and then you will see more stuff about the code section. You can add there classes and that kind of stuff also you can make your own class and edit it in css for example:

.newclass {
border-left: 1px solid red;

and stuff like this!


You can add classes there which you created or u can use bootstrap ones. There's many ways to do that. Anyways I've hope that my post was usefull for yaa P.S if you can't "code" at all, don't use that kind of stuff, really lol.

Also, you can add HTML to the page with the custom code component (found in the studio panel under the Misc section.)

Thanks PrintNinja for the useful tip!

Thanks PrintNinja for the help!