Add custom UI kits

Does Bootstrap studio support custom Ui kits such as Now UIKit and Bootstrap Material Design UIKit?

I want to know before making a purchase.

you can import a UI kit but it will be as custom code components (meaning you edit html manually)

to get the most out of this tool you are better copy bringing over the CSS for these UI kits and then manually creating the component from said kit yourself using drag and drop.

does above make sense?

Thanks! but this lines confuses me a bit

you are better copy bringing over the CSS.

He means import the CSS of your UI kits and build the rest within BSS using that CSS file. You will need to recreate the component manually yourself.

Still if you want to create a navbar it comes with locked code -> enter image description here Afbeelding 1 Afbeelding 2

The main bootstrap classes are yes, but he's talking about creating it from scratch yourself, not dragging it from the components list. Those are already created items or elements. In the case of the Navs they are complete components. You would need to create the divs and give them the classes and id's manually to not have items that are locked.

That is something they really need in this app (going to go suggest it right now even) that we don't have the empty HTML5 structure tags that we can use to build our own components. Right now you would need to use DIV tags with classes of nav and such to do it.

Yep - jo gets it ?

Hi, i can one question. is there any way to modify the ui of boostrap sutdio? or the unic form of modific is copy manually?