Add Facebook Share Button to Pages?

Hey how's it going people,

I wanted to know is there anyone who knows how we would add a Facebook share button to our website pages and have them show like the one below when shared? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

enter image description here

Facebook has their own proprietary code setups for a lot of their sharing setups. I would check with their site and see what they have available for your needs. I do share a Facebook feed on a couple of my client sites, but the code comes from the Facebook Dev setup which you can easily join and get the code for yours. Just do a Google search for Facebook Dev and you should find lots of links to help you get there and get what you need.

I just found this and it seems to work :

You can create a link before fill the form, copy/paste just what you need (what is beetween the " " in HTML link field) and put it instead of # in the field URL in the link option.

Forgive me for my awfull english level ^^