Add folders and link to items in them

Love the designs list, but it really lacks the ability to have more control over things. Right now I'd love to see the ability to add folders and organize things as we need it rather than all in one place like it is. This would give us the ability to link to relative files rather than having to upload files to the server and use absolute links. This is probably the more awkward thing about the app that I've come across, so far I'm loving it and hope to see more features in the future.

(Mac version) Sorry I forgot to add that in all my recent idea posts and It won't let me edit them. Just letting you know I'm on Mac version.

Folder support for pages/images is imminent, I too am waiting for this functionality and will be delivered in next release I believe.

Thank You for adding this feature!!

Can we take it one step further and give us the ability to create our own categories in the Design area that do not link to Head and Footer scripts/css? Here's a scenario I'm thinking that would be helpful. If you know if a better way please enlighten me as it's all still new to me with this app:

I have many different external elements that need to be added to my pages from Forms to Galleries, to Menu's (better than the basic Bootstrap menu), and so on. Many times these items require their own folders to be installed to our root directories which include a lot of their own files as well as specific versions of what they need.

If we can create our own category such as Misc (or even just give us a misc. category that doesn't add files to the head or footer areas), we can import these files and the paths that are in the default files for these elements won't have to be changed at all to make them work. This would take this app a large step further to being more versatile and allowing us to add more of our own elements outside the basic bootstrap elements included in the app and would allow them to work out of the box so to speak.

Right now to add anything extra to my pages I have to import files to locations and then use absolute links to files I've had to upload to the directory the site will reside in when complete. Yes this does work for the most part, but it's just extra work we wouldn't have to do if we could create our own categories that don't link to Head and Footer script and CSS placements.

For example, I use WowSlider many times to add Galleries to a website. Works pretty good for me and it's an easy setup so I haven't altered to anything else as of yet. When it exports the files for you to put on your website, it adds everything to 2 separate folders, one called engine1 and one called data1 (number changes depending on how many galleries you add to your pages). Every file I need is in those 2 folders, but not all need to be added to the Head or Footer scripts areas. All the links to everything in these galleries are relative to the location the gallery will be and when I add it to this current version of BSS, I have to alter every one of the image links and upload the scripts and css files to the server and have to reference them from absolute links to the files on the server.

Hopefully that all makes sense, but the gist of the request is:

We need the ability to add categories (or even just a single category) where items added to it include the ability to create folders same as the other categories (styles, javascript, fonts, images) and the items imported to them are not linked in the Head area or Footer scripts area, they are just read as is.

I could then create the folders in that category named engine1 and data1 and import the files to it and all would work as planned!

Any other suggestions on this would be most appreciated if there are other work arounds than what I've been doing too. Thanks! And big thanks for adding folders!!

Without knowing what's in data1 and engine1.

If data1 is a folder that contains images then it seems you'd create a folder in images named data1 then import all those images into it. If that folder also contains folders of more images then you'd have to create that subfolder and import those images.

If engine1 is anything like data1 but for scripts then do something similar to that but in the script area.

I was able to create the same named folder in each of the categories. And create files in each. You might have to fix the ordering though.

The reason why I bring this up is that where would you expect the MISC category to be exporting the file calls/linking.

For instance the Design pane in BSS app for the Javascript category knows that the scripts are to load at the bottom of the page and in a particular order how would that work with a MISC folder that could have anything in it.

I know my suggestion is a little more time consuming but it works as I would think the intention was by the Devs.

If there is something that I could probably use from your suggestion would be along the lines of being able to add a page that is not a full page because it's really just a snippet of code. We use what is called server side includes that can just grab a file that contains only the snippet of page code to be rendered by a templated page of a list of server side includes. It's something like Ajax but processed entirely by the server before being delivered to the client side to be viewed which then scripts and all that get processed. It's similar to that of PHP from my understanding.


Thanks Saj,

Your suggestions are pretty much what I'm doing now. It's workable for the most part, but definitely more work than we usually have to do for managing files and folders. (or it will be workable if the reordering of the files gets fixed as right now it's putting everything in alphabetical order and nothing is working right. The files are not movable in the Design list for me in Mac version with the new update).

I guess I'm trying to see this BSS as a complete web site designer program which would allow you to import all the files of your site structure so you can test it all as needed, but I don't think maybe that it is intended for that. Maybe my expectations were a little too high for it, but either way it's still a great little app, or will be when it's fixed again lol.

Ok so here's the dilemma I'm facing today that refrences the previous posts in here.

WowSlider creates 2 directories and within these 2 directories named data1 (contains only the photos) and engine1 (contains the .css, .js, and framing photos, arrows etc.). The data1 folder has the images that will be in the gallery as well as a tooltips folder that contains the thumbnail images for those that want a thumbnail strip to show in there galleries. The engine1 folder contains 2 .css files (only 1 needs to be linked in the head area) and 5 .js files and only 3 of them need to be linked in the Footer scripts area. The rest are used by the other files I believe, but they do "not" need to be added to the Head or Footer sections for the scripts or CSS links.

This is what I'm trying to get at with the above posts. We need the ability to add files to the project, but not have them link to anything directly. I'm not a programmer of javascript or php so I don't know all the ins and outs of how it all works, but I'm pretty sure that many times a .js file can reference items in a .css file or another .js file and so on. I think that's what happens here. All of the files included in these 2 folders need to be present in the project for everything to work correctly, but only a few of them are needed to be linked in the HTML page.

Maybe what we need is a toggle checkbox or something when we import a file, or when we are right clicking a file or folder that asks "Link this file" or something so that we can be more accurate on the needs of each page.

Not every page is going to need every script and .css file that is imported, but the way this is setup it seems that there is no other way to do this. Every page will have every script and .css file linked whether it uses it or not. Is there a way around this that I'm just not seeing?

Up import Folders !!! PLS