Add more properties to scripts (JavaScript)!

Similar to how you can right-click a Page or Image and a “Properties” context menu pops up.

But for scripts it would add options to change script to defer (unless that’s why you’ve added module scripts),
async, crossorigin, fetchpriority, integrity, nomodule, nonce, referrerpolicy or type.

I only mention this, because while it is easy to just add the script to the head content via settings, it would make it easier / faster to just do it all from a properties panel.

Thank you for the suggestion! I see how this could be useful. We will investigate adding such a dialog in our next updates. It could complicate the minification logic though, so scripts that have async, crossorigin etc likely won’t be part of the minification bundles.


That’s understandable.
I appreciate you looking into a way to add this.

If anything, would manually adding async when adding the script to the head work for minified scripts?

Such as, not including a script on a page but still export it and then link it on the page via the settings before / after head?