Add multiple clickable boxes

Hi all, bought my license today and glad to be a family member. I am working on a tools website and for the homepage, I want to add some multiple clickable boxes that takes you to individual tools page.

My challenge now is I am unable to figure out how to add these clickable boxes which will have a logo at the top and header below, then a border line. For desktop it will have 3 of these buttons per row but which to stack on mobile. I tried using card group but not what I want.

See below what I am trying to achieve but rectangular shape and not square.


Assuming you are familiar with Bootstrap and CSS, something like this could be created pretty easily using Links, Divs, Icon Components, some Bootstrap utility classes and perhaps a little custom CSS. You can control the “stacking” at particular screen sizes by putting your boxes in Columns, or by using Divs and Flexbox.

I don’t mean to sound unhelpful, but this is not an ordinary “how do I use this feature of the software?” type of question. Creating something like this requires an understanding of Bootstrap, CSS, and how the software works. You need to learn these things. They can’t be simply explained in a just a few sentences on a forum post. It will take a bit of time. You’re basically asking for someone to do some website development for you.

If you post your question in the Webdesign Help category, someone may be willing to create this for you, and share it as a component.

Thanks. I will try and figure it out.