Add rulers to the stage

@martin Would it be possible to add rulers to the top and left sides of the stage? In pixels if possible. Thanks

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I like this idea. Even better would be if they could be configurable to any units (em, points, etc…) and hideable. Basically like Photoshop.

Yeah. Photoshop, Serif and quite a few others have this feature. I find it pretty handy at times.

Thank you for the suggestion! It is a bit unclear to me how this would be useful though. In contrast to graphics editors, Bootstrap Studio’s layouts are fully responsive and vary with screen size. So there isn’t anything resembling a pixel grid on which to place elements.

If this is only for measuring sizes, we already display them in the Appearance panel when a component is selected:


Maybe we can improve this somehow?

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I guess the issue is that when you have items that are fluid, you have to select them to see their dimensions. If you manually change the viewport width or height in real time, the item gets deselected, so you cannot see the dimensions of the item change in real-time. You have to click on it again.

It’s a very minor thing, but maybe there’s a way that the dimensions of a selected item that are displayed in the attributes panel could stay “active” until a new item is selected?

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Ah. Dimensions of objects are now shown as of the latest up date. Nice :grinning: