Add <span> button

Hello, When editing a text, I would like to have an additional button to surround a portion of text with the span tag. Additional buttons could be added for the following tags: small, mark, abbr, code.
There is always a way to circumvent these needs with custom code, but it takes more time.


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I like your idea. A quick change in font size or colour just local to the element should be possible.

Not very elegant but it’s quick and harmless.

I 100% agree it would be so much more helpful to just select the text, icon, component, etc. and press a preset button that will have it put the span tags around whatever is selected both in the visual and overview areas. I’ve thought that for quite some time now, thanks for bringing it up @JCWEB .

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Unless I’m mistaken, currently if you want bold or italic text plus a class, it’s not possible to do this directly without going through the “custom code” stage.
I’ve posted another suggestion for improvement.

You can drop a <span> in the middle of a paragraph. You can give it classes and styles all through the standard UI. No need to convert to HTML or use Custom code.

Good. Now I use the “Add To Favorites” option for components: Bold, Italic, Span, etc. :+1: