Add styling characters to Navigation Link name

I just purchased Bootstrap Studio today and have run into my first problem.

I have a client who wants a long link names such as "About the Author and Artist", and other similar length links. In my hand coded navigation, I was able to write this About the <br> Author and Artist which broke the links into two lines.

How can I do this same thing in Bootstrap Studio?

Just create a line break using a custom code box. Save it to your library and you can then use it anytime you want.

Start a custom code component which you'll find in the last section of the main components. Open it (right click over it in the Overview and a few other ways to open it). Delete what's in there and just type in the

<br>enter code here

Now find that custom code part in the Overview, right click and choose to save it as a Library item.

Now whenever you want to use it, drag it where you want it. It can be within text, between items, etc.

Thanks Jo,

I have been trying the code you originally posted, since you posted it, without any success. I just went back to your post and see you must have made a change. I tried this new code, and it works perfect.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I just jumped in to Bootstrap Studio and ran into this problem. I did a search for videos on Youtube and watched a bunch of them but none of them covered this subject. I then did a search on Google and could not find the answer there either.


Yw, I did post on the ideas area as well to request that this one and the nbsp get added to the default. Hopefully we'll see that in a future update. Good luck and have fun!