Add swipe to lightbox gallery

Hi, Can someone explain how to add the posibilty to swipe trough the images in a lightbox gallery? Default, I only see arrows on the images to go to next or previous. For mobile devices Swiping would be much neater.

Thanks, Martin.

Try following this

It sound like it can be used even for the lightbox next/prev


Thanks for pointing this out Saj, looks like it fits my needs. However, I need little help to get it to work. As I did it now, it sadly does not work.

I added the minified version of the JQuery mobile part to my project (someName.min.js) I added the event next/prev part as a seperate min.js file to my project and renamed the #myCarousel to the ID I use for my gallery.

Any thoughts on what I do wrong?

Thanks for helping out... Martin.

So I had problems getting that to work myself, so I went a different route.

This is based on the Lightbox Gallery from the BS4 Components.

Link to this external JS file

Then add this JS function in your custom JS file.

    var e = $('#lightbox');

        delegateSelector: '.lb-next, .lb-prev'

    e.on('swipeLeft', '.lb-next', function(event) {
    }).on('swipeRight', '.lb-prev', function(event) {

I was able to use the BS4 Component Lightbox Gallery with Chrome Dev Tools and toggled the device toolbar and selected tablet. I can click on a gallery image and then swipe left and right to scroll through the photos in lightbox.

I'll be using this myself I'm sure :)


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I should have linked the homepage for that script too, so you can see all the functions etc..


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You can now see it in action here



Works like a charm. Say, you are the best! Thanks...

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Your welcome, glad I could help :)