Add Target options to the "quick link" feature in the top menu

You can highlight text and quickly make it a link to a page or image via the link icon in the top menu. I believe this request has been brought up before, but it would be a real time-saver to have the ability to also set the target from the same window. I threw together a visual to give the devs a possible way to implement it.


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+1 :+1: and yes it’s been asked for many times before. A link should be the same setup no matter how you add it. Maybe it’s not a link at first and maybe doing this would be a 2 step process and even that would be fine with me. Add the link to the text as the norm is for link properties window and then it’s a link. Then maybe clicking on it should trigger the same link setups that we have for the link component? In other words, Options tab would have all the settings there like normal link components do etc. I could deal with it that way too.

+1 this would be helpful

Giving this a bump. The post has had 43 views. I wish there was a way the forum could show us which of those 43 members have seen this, because if it doesn’t include any of the devs, then I have no choice but to tag them in the hope this will get attention.
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I would have to fully agree on this, this has been asked for for years now. This truly would be not only a time saver, but also a confusion saver for new users of the app that expect (and should expect) that multiple ways of doing things will include all the settings in each avenue they might choose. I’m sure this isn’t the only thing in the app that needs this specific attention, but this one is most definitely the one asked for and used the most.

This, and the need to be able to place code where we want in the HTML, because this is not just a whim thing. Some third party scripts REQUIRE code be placed in specific places (ex. Google now wants it’s analytics placed before the closing <head> tag) I even made a great little graphic to show a way this could be implemented.

Happy to report that this was added in version 5.6.2 which was just released.

We will look into adding HEAD HTML at the start/at the end of the head tag in our next update.

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That will be AWESOME. I’m getting an increasing number of clients who are working with marketing companies that want me to place tracking codes on the client’s websites in specific places.

For example, Google now wants gtag.js to be placed after the head content, just before the closing </head> tag, whereas a year ago it was the exact opposite. I really don’t know how much it matters, but with Google, It’s like playing whack-a-mole, and you never know what they’re going to change/request from week-to-week or month-to-month. But they’ve got no problem penalizing you in the SERP if you don’t follow their rules. Frustrating.

Thanks Martin! That change in links is a very welcome one!