Add to cart component

I’ve checked but can’t seem to find the answer.
When I use an ‘Add to cart component’ I select the product under ‘Data source’ but no image appears.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve set up Reflow and the products are there.
Even when I toggle “use mock data” There’s no image as I would expect
Thanks in advance

Add to cart only adds what you are currently seeing.

To show the image and description you need to use the product component

I see. Thank you. I did it that way initially but was finding it hard to find a quick way to style the product component. I guess overriding the styles is the only way.
So, I could add an image to the page and the “Add to cart” component. As long as the image/product is in Reflow, it should work ?
Thank you

The add to cart would be if you wanted to do a custom layout and then the cart underneath. Personally I would do it this way to improve the SEO.

If you want to style then you will need to overwrite the default CSS.

I’d prefer to create a custom layout with the add to cart underneath.
I tried just dragging an image and placing the “add to cart” underneath. But it said the product wasn’t available. I’m assuming if the product is available in Reflow, it should work.
I need to try and find out.

Thank you! Figured it out. Just had to talk it through.