Adding a Task/Notepad Window

Hello, it will be cool if a task or notepad window can be added so that, a designer can add tasks to be done or notes for a specific project being worked on so that the designer can have some sort of continuity in terms of noting down ideas and more. Thanks, guys. The best software in the world


Nothing they could add to BSS would come close to the capabilities of a program like Microsoft Outlook, and such a feature would just clutter the limited real-estate of the BSS UI with features that are far better handled by other task/scheduling software. There are many more pressing things that this program needs right now.

If you have Outlook, I would recommend you look into its extensive features for allowing you to create calendars with tasks, alerts, reminders, etc. I literally live and die by my Outlook program. I could not run my business without it. There are also free alternative from Google in their cloud offerings.

There is even a built-in post-it type notepad feature on Windows computers called Sticky Notes, which you’ll find in the accessories folder, and numerous free programs just like it. Just Google “sticky notes for computers.”

Thank you for the suggestion! We have a feature planned that could help with this.

In one of our next releases we will introduce the ability to add comments to components. When a comment is set, a floating comment icon will be displayed next to the element. These comments live only in Bootstrap Studio, they are not part of the exported HTML. They are intended as a way for users to document their design and shared components, add notes for team mates etc. You can easily use it to maintain a task list or jot down ideas.


Ohhh that sounds like a really slick and useful feature! Can’t wait for that to be added, that will save a lot of comments from needing to be added to the code actually, especially if the site isn’t being handed off to someone else to maintain. :slight_smile:

Of course I am grateful for any improvement to this software, but was just wondering why a new feature like this floating comment thing is being added when a practical, ergonomic improvement to the UI that I suggested back in October (when we were on ver 5.4,) and which you even agreed made sense and said would be added in a future update, has apparently been forgotten?



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Oct '20

Thank you for the mockups! A few thoughts:

  • Moving the arrows does make sense. I am adding it to our todo.

It’s not forgotten. We just have a lot of other higher priority features. We’ll get to it eventually.

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Yeah, we could use outlook or others but it just makes everything bulky. I personally and many other designers I know like to compartmentalize, using one software to do the most (which helps a lot with speed and keeping once creative process in one place.) The floating notepad window can be collapsed or closed. It is only opened to be used when needed and can also be docked.

Adding comments to components is one thing. But then the comments are tucked under specific components. The notepad i talk of is more like the command pallet or the HTML/CSS editors. It can be floating or docked. It can be under the “View” menu (Using a mac). This just takes notes concerning the entire project and maybe stuff you don’t want to forget to do, or try out. Just a notepad to store your creative process, maybe even a mood board. It might not be a well refined thought process but i know it is an idea that the community will enjoy

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a notepad to store your creative process, maybe even a mood board.

This is just my opinion, offered respectfully…

I see this as further cluttering up what is already a maxed out workspace with a feature that has little to do with the actual construction of a website. Think of it this way, when I use Adobe Photoshop, I go right to work editing photos. When I use Adobe Illustrator, I go right to work creating my artwork. When I open Filezilla, I’m ready to upload files. Many programs involve what we might call “the creative process”, but the programs are the tools to do the job. Not the drawing board, or sketchbook.

When I’m designing a website, yes, I will have folders full of text-files… questionnaires from clients, little notes taken when talking to clients. In Outlook, every website client has their own folder with every email ever exchanged concerning their site. I still even have an old-fashioned pen and paper handy next to the phone. I still occasionally refer to a scribbled note taken during a phone call. But the notes are on the desk next to my keyboard, not blocking precious screen real-estate. It took me years to break the habit of sticking actual physical post-it notes on clunky old CRT monitors, and it was the best habit I dumped. It forced me to become more organized.

Personally, when I open Bootstrap Studio, I want to get right to the business of building the website.

The BSS developers are always trying to improve BSS, and make it a better tool. I can think of a dozen things to add to the program to increase productivity (for example… a floating palate to save gradient swatches, the same way we can save color swatches, a dropdown list of border styles, the ability to have multiple website pages open at the same time, the ability to right click a photo and have it open in one’s preferred image editing tool, etc… etc…), I’d sooner see any one of these added before a digital “post-it note” tool for inspirational thoughts. Especially when such programs already exist, and can easily be called up with a simple hotkey combo. Just assign Window’s sticky notes to a function key and viola, there’s your instant mood board.

I realize that many developers compartmentalize, and work entirely on laptops with 16" screens, and quite frankly, I don’t know how they do it :exploding_head:. I have three 24" monitors, and wish I had a fourth! I would go insane trying to build a website with a touchpad.

Again, this just my opinion, respectfully submitted.