adding and linking pages

Not sure if this was talked about since searching this forum is like rubbing your face with sandpaper but I can't seem to find out how to add and link up pages in the documentation.

The only thing I found was this horrible tutorial, so is there a better guide for adding pages?

How would you like to link the pages? Via a navbar, or some other way?

To add a new page, right click over the Pages section title of the Design section and choose to add a new page. To link to them, you can use a relative link by just using the page name in a link. No need for full absolute URL's if the pages are in the same directory as the page you are on. Basically you link the same way in BSS as you would any other editor. Always best to use the Link component also since the Link editor in the Text editor area doesn't give you much for control options on links at all. I suggested adding them to that area, hopefully they will do that with an update soon. What else would you like to do with them? You link the same way using a Link Component as you would in a Nav component.


Thank you so much, it was the relative link that I was looking for.

It still boggles me that this isn't in a reference manual

How to link a Nav Link Component o same page to another Text i mean how to Anchor?

You create an anchor in BSS the same way you would in any website. Please do a search, someone else just asked that question a couple days ago or so and it's been answered for them quite nicely so check for that.

Actually ... someone just answered that question for YOU a couple days ago. That's the post I am referring to in my last post. Why are you asking it again in here instead of asking in that thread if you're still having an issue?


If the anchor ID you have chosen is 1, then your link URL should be (pagename)/#1 where the (pagename) is the name of your HTML page without parenthesis. For example, if the link and the anchor are on your home page, the URL for the link would be index.html/#1

You must include the correct syntax for the path /#1

IDs are prefaced by the # (pound) sign in HTML

In the attributes window at the bottom, in the ID field you would simply write the number 1, no # sign. (The program adds that itself, as you will note in the generated HTML code)