Adding borders

If I understand correctly, the only way to add borders is through the CSS editor? I don’t see anything in the styling selections in the panel at the right.

Is this correct, or did I miss something?

Thanks, Gary

You can handle them with classes, see for usage.

If you want to change the width or type - You need to use CSS.

Regards, Michael

OK, thanks

Sorry for necro posting here, but it's not possible to edit the border through the options menu, if so, why?

Border settings are in the app already, please check the app before posting, it's extremely obvious in the Options pane.

I wasn't clear enough in my explanation: I was talking about border-size. There are 4 buttons for the corner types and colors but no size. I think the thickness of a border is too generic to be missed out.

Ahh, good point and yes you are right it should be there, and I'd also like to add on that we should also have the ability to adjust the color with custom colors, not just the default colors of Bootstrap. Ability to add a color name/number would be very helpful there.