Adding Certain Components to a Container?

I started a thread yesterday about this, and then I thought maybe I was being silly so deleted it.
However, this has been bugging me: why can’t I add certain components (e.g. Features and Articles) into a container? I have been working on my design for months and I swear I was able to put these components into my main container before (I took a week off and I think I upgraded from BSS 5.1 to 6.0 in that time, after that is when things changed?). I can add these components into the body outside of the container, but that defeats my design…
Am I misremembering? Containers can’t be put in containers?
Just looking to figure out what I am doing wrong (besides being silly).

My structure is super simple and looks like this:
—Content stuff

I take it by features, you are talking about Features Cards, Images, Minimal etc in the studio.

You can’t add these to a container because they are already in a container.

The same with Articles Cards and Articles Badges.

richards, thanks for your reply! Yes, that is what I meant.
I figured I was being silly, I assume this is a CSS/html limitation and I should have looked it up.
Thanks again!

No, it’s not a limitation of CSS/HTML it’s a limitation of the app so that you don’t do it. Technically it’s not correct so the app keeps you from making that mistake. :slight_smile:

Just add it to the top or bottom of something that isn’t in a container, then just drag the contents of the new components container to the location you were trying to put it. That should work pretty well, has for us anyways.

I think it’s one of those double edged sword things lol. You have to have the components in a container for them to work properly, but newbies to coding don’t understand the structure process so they put things wherever. This keeps them from forgetting to add the container, but yes, it does make it more of a hassle for the rest of us that know a container is needed.

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That is too bad, BSS let me do it before the update and the pages seem o.k. However, since putting containers in containers is bad practice/design, then I will have to figure it out.
Thanks for the response, jo-r!