adding custom bootstrap code

if I want to use some of the modules that are on the bootstrap site that I don't think are avail in the app, what's the best way to do that so I don't break compatibility or anything else?

btw as a principal staff cloud engineer that is terrible on the front end, this app is friggin awesome for me :-)

I would first let us and the devs know what's missing so it can either be added or worked around. Lots of help here from lots of people that can help with work arounds, but it will most likely need to be on a case by case basis.

Other than that, to be honest the best way would be to code it in the app piecework so you can use the drag and drop capabilities. In other words, create it with the divs, cols, rows, classes, p's, h's, etc etc and when you are done you can create your own Component to use with other projects as well so you won't have to do it again ever. (well you may need to add it to a new project and update it and save it as a new one at some point when BS updates again, but minor details really at that point).

Many of the components really aren't all that involved that they would be difficult to set up, give it a shot and see how it goes.

Either way though, let us know if there's something you can't find, because it may be there in the Online ones and just not in BSS yet.

I was referring to pop-ins, error messages, and others but I think it is in there.