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I purchased Bootstrap Studio today and I really like how smooth and fast you can cook something up. However - please correct me if I'm wrong - a (big) flaw is that I don't seem to be able to use my own custom fonts other then import those from Google's library? I sometimes make my own font(s) which I really like to use for either typography or for making icons and I'd consider the usage of fonts one of the most important aspects of designing a website.

When browsing the forums for an answer however, I saw some dated posts about not being able to import fonts as well and I saw it was being planned for a future release?

Martin Angelov; March 1, 2016 at 1:05 pm

At the moment importing fonts is not possible. We will add this in the next releases, but for now only Google Fonts are supported.

+1 for this too as I think will be a good addition to the backlog of changes

There are currently 816 Google Fonts so for most people they will find something suitable without needing anything else.

Google Fonts will allow you to submit fonts for inclusion in the library, might be worth considering if you have got some good ones !

Sorry Mandarin for disagreeing with you; but even if Google does provide quite some fonts, it would be like saying that you can only pick red, green or blue for colors for background colors - "because that is enough for most people". Being limited in choice for something like this basic is, quite frankly, frustrating.

this is my favorite tool to choose and link into bss Google Fonts. hth

Am guessing this could technically now be possible to link to your own fonts in the head tag but would only work after exporting.

I vote for custom fonts!!!!

I have got an very slow internetconnection (~0.3mbit)

Every preview means - time for a cup of coffee.

And I like independence. I don't like the feeling - Google deletes something an my project in gone...

So give us "independence" Lets join our own hosted fonts

Custom fonts can be implemented through custom CSS.

Yes but the idea here is is to be able to import our own fonts into this app and preview. to use font face would only work when exported.

One way to resolve this (editing and dynamically displaying font face updates within BTS) is to allow for free-form CSS - in such cases, it would be up to the developer to make sure the CSS file was symantically correct.

Or..... just allow the option to import our own fonts as per the original posters request as that will be best way and what many of us have been asking for.

I agree. :)

I also would prefer to import fonts that I have on my local drive. Many times I use the same fonts in logos so they match the webpage headlines. When importing fonts, two options... Google URL or Browse.

Another big vote for CUSTOM Fonts.

I have one customer, that has it own font.

I could not use it in BBS at the moment, thats no fun...

It should be not that much work to make an local-link possible like http://localhost/ownfontfile...

  • my vote

+1, and my vote :)

This is utterly stupid because you can import your own bootstrap theme as long as it doesn't use font-face with local references... This feature should probably be at the top of the roadmap if you want to get more adoption.

this might be of interest to those wanted to use custom fonts (not google one)

Simply put - before you start a design upload fonts to a web server and reference the directory URL As the sources for your font in your custom css

Not tried this myself yet, but as you download from a server maybe it will work in preview like image placeholders do?

+1 for another vote to make it easy to add custom fonts. Some clients have fonts chosen for them through the branding process and it would be nice to use these immediately in the studio

i think if the company was at least engaged in this thread more it would put us more at ease. Perhaps put it on a road-map at the very least. is this feature truly being worked on or is it just a "yea that'd be nice"... it seems to be a critical piece for most on here not a nice to have. Just my 2 cents... BTW i would definetly be in the group of folks that it is CRITICAL for...joey