Adding domain property to google search console with Cloudflare


I’ve set up our domain with bootstrap studio and Cloudflare via CNAME flattening as per the documentation. All works well.

However when I tried to set the domain property in my Google Search Console, Cloudflare gave me this message:
“Once you select authorize, Cloudflare will remove the following DNS records from your zone, which may result in downtime.”
This process is necessary to avoid conflicts with the records needed for Google.

The DNS record is the CNAME entry pointing to “

I did not proceed. Hence my question: Can I proceed and reset the cname back immediately afterwards to “” without causing any issues. Not sure how to proceed.
Note: my domain was transferred to Cloudflare.

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I would try manually setting up the DNS entry myself, not through search console

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Thank you for the reply.
So…You would simply add the TXT record in Cloudflare and go back to Google Search Console and try to add the domain again?

Yes, Google should check the DNS again and see you’ve added the record. I’ve not seen it wanting to remove the other records before :thinking:

Yep! Works as you said.
Thank you!

Glad I could help you, hope your site ranks highly on Google now :heart: