Adding FacnyBox Scripts To BSS

Hi. Trying to integrate Fancybox V3 into my BSS project. It really shouldn't be this difficult.

I've tried adding custom code to the body of my page an pasting:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src=""></script>

Into it. Just as their docs say. It didn't work, so I moved the style sheet into the header of the page as that's where it should be anyways and I left the other script where it was on the page.

The script is loading before jQuery itself which is throwing an error in console.

I have a default include order set and no other external libraries besides the stock ones and facnybox.

I've also done the research and see I'm not able to add footer codes that would ideally be included after bs and jquery. What can I do?


Have you tried adding the js and CSS as the BSS tutorials recommend?

I have already posted a suggestion that the devs add the ability for us to add code to the HTML at different places on the page.

I had NO idea you could do that! Worked like a charm. Thank you!

Confucius say, "wise man reads all tutorials and watches all tutorial videos" ?